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Do you need an additional Fitness Gadget for Fitness Tracking?
05.07.2016 13:36

The question raised above is...Do you need an additional Fitness Gadget for Fitness Tracking? Well, yes you do! Fitness gadgets are required for fitness tracking, as they keep growing and growing in your lives.

 You know that everywhere you turn, you are bombarded with new technological device like fitness gadgets to stay slim and fit. These gadgets do come in handy to track your fitness, and push you to reach your goals. 

Most of you have the notion that once the tracker is on your wrist, it can keep track of your activity. No! it does not, just like one technology is dependant for its work on others. The same goes with fitness trackers they need a device to be paired with or attached to!


Let's take for instance Calories, fitness tracker can easily count your calories, but it will provide inaccurate information. It will only be able to provide accurate information on your gender, age, weight and height.

So you will not get the results of what's actually being burnt in your body. But if the tracker is paired with a heart rate monitor or you have an built in bmp sensor, then it can provide a better and accurate results and get the number with caution. 

Say we talk about a sleeping tracker, it should be taken with a pinch of salt. With wearable devices, mere movement and heart-rate measurements can never be accurate as a clinical polysomnogram. And, only with an addition of a component to the tracker can you get the desired results.

There are tools now that work together to sync up devices and share data on the activity that you were doing by collaborating with other fitness tracker to give a far more accurate and rounded picture of your progress with the ongoing wearable trends. 

Fitbit is a fitness tech gadget that will give a daily feedback on your daily routine from walking, heart rate, calories, exercise statics etc. It can personally tailor itself to your activities.

All the fitness tracker cannot give the required and accurate results for the activity you do, they require fitness gadgets or other physical activity support  as people have too much expectation from them.

So, if you get one of the fitness tracker, make sure you also include the fitness gadgets into the list as they will be required to give you the accurate information for the activity you have worked hard for!


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