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Now, no need to follow strict gym schedule or get those expensive membership or get addicted to heavy gym equipment. A big thanks to mobile phone fitness apps, which have entered the market with a big bang. It has changed the outlook of people towards gym.  Although, these apps can really help you to transform your body shape, making you feel fit and healthy.

This blog emphasis on how to get complete body transformation using fitness Apps:

StrongLifts 5x5 Workout:
Whether you want to shade extra fats from your body or looking to build muscles, then this StrongLifts 5x5 Workout is best available option to choose. Devote your some time to this app, it has 3 exercise which you need to perform thrice a week to see the result. This is one of the most simple workout app. Videos are also available for the workout,  so you can watch and learn the correct exercise. This will help to attain your goal in minimum possible time.
Developer: StrongLifts
Compatibility: iOS 7.0 or Higher, Android 4.0 or Higher
Availability: iOS, Android (Free with in-app purchases)

In order to have strength training, bodyweight workout or core training for overall fitness, Sworkit is the best app that will serve your purpose. The exercises are very simple that you can practise anytime and anywhere as per your convenience. Further, this app has multiple exercise that is shuffled very often to offer something new and exciting to you. Other advantage of this app is that it can be syncs with MyFitnessPal, with this you can check your daily intake. 
Developer: Nexercise Apps
Compatibility: iOS 7.0 or Higher, Android 4.0 or Higher
Availability: iOS, Android (Free with in-app purchases)

Workout Trainer:
Workout Trainer app is also one of the fantastic app. This app offers thousands of different workout, so you can practise to get back your body to a fit form. The app provide different videos and audio instructions to make your workout easier. Further, you can get skinny shape without going to gym because the exercises given here are equipment free.  So, practising becomes easy. 
Developer: Skimble
Compatibility: iOS 7.0 or Higher, Android 2.3.3 or Higher
Availability: iOS, Android (Free with in-app purchases)

This is a simple app which keeps your running track. It helps to calculate the run distance, speed, calorie burn and other activity that you perform. You can syncs this app with your music library to enjoy soothing music while your run. 
Developer: FitnessKeeper
Compatibility: iOS 7.0 or Higher, Android 4.0 or Higher
Availability: iOS, Android (Free with in-app purchases)

Make fitness your lifestyle, choose from thousands of available apps that suits your purpose.

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According to a proverb, "A healthy body is the source of healthy mind. In case your hectic schedule pushing you from work out or you are not in mood to burn your pocket. On the other hand, it seems the ball has already started to fall from your court and you are left with no choice rather than join a GYM. Give a last try to some of the splendid fitness training app that will really help you to skin out the those extra fat load from your body. 

To favour you, many mobile app development company have come up with striking fitness trainer app, exclusively keeping in mind your daily gyming requirement, that too without giving you tons of pain or over exercise. For instance: Whether your main aim is to lose weight or just increase your walking capacity or fifteen minutes of fitness yoga, the trainer apps can help to do wonder in your task.
Let's have insight on some of the popular trainer app which are creating buzz among the fitness freak.

Runtastic Running & Fitness:

[Price: Free with in app purchases

With good responses by the user, Runtastic also comes among one of the excellent fitness app.   This app enables you to keep track of your walk, run, biking, and exercise through Gps tracking inbuilt in it. Further, you can enjoy soothing beats while your workout and at the same time it offers extension for smartwatches. 

Sworkit Personal Trainer:

[Price: Free / $2.99]

Sworkit, wonderful fitness app by Nexercise Apps Inc, provide a full gym assistance . This  app allows you to have access over exercise that are built-in based on what type of yoga you need. The app treasures over 160 exercises. It’s is best app for people who can't stick to gym lifestyle.

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal:

[Price: Free with in app purchases]

Calorie counter is also one of the great fitness trainer app. Without knowing your diet and intake, you will not get an idea which workout suits you or what next is need to have in your meals. The app counts over four million foods that you can decide on regular basis. It will give an appropriate count. 

Workout Trainer:

[Price: Free with in app purchases]

Skimble Inc has come up with numerous app, however Workout Trainer is popular and worth download. The plus point that heightens its popularity is, it has feathers to provide all-in-one solution. Instructional videos are available that guides you on how to do exercises and related workouts. For HD excercise you can avail premium version. 

Get fitness in your hand with the latest and useful fitness app available in the market.

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Fitness has always been a major concern for all. Though we gain fat too fast but it’s too difficult to burn out. We opt for different methods but still we don’t get the perfect results since we are unaware of the proper tricks and techniques. So, for fixing this problem and helping you in losing that extra pounds, we got some of the best fitness apps of 2016 which will lead to your dream body.    

Couch to 5K:


Do you feel like a couch potato? Want to lose weight in 9 weeks? Then the next app you need to download should be Couch to 5k. The secret behind the success of this app is that in the introductory phase it lets you get the body moving, starting off alternating between walking and running small distances, and slowly building up until after 8 weeks, you're ready to run 5 kilometers or 30 minutes non stop.This app is free to download and you can get it on both iOS and android.



So busy with life that not able to carve out time to go to gym ? Fitnet can be a aid for you. The app got Five to Seven minute targeted workouts this apps also have a magnificent and unique way of using your front camera to let you know how closely you are following the steps which are shown on the screen. This app is so flexible and featured that you won’t need to sacrifice time with your friends and family to achieve your fitness goals. Fitnet comes on both android & iOS and you can have it as Free with optional in-app purchases.




Sworkit is the best personal trainer for a person. You can tell app which type of workout you are looking for(strength, cardio, yoga, or stretching) and the amount of time you have got (anywhere from five minutes to an hour)and the app delivers the moves which need to follow. It got free as well as the premium features. In the free feature you get video demonstration by the real trainer, verbal instructions and cues and also you can syn workout directly to health,Google Fit & MyFitnessPal. But when we talk about the premium features the apps runs add free workouts you can saves unlimited custom workouts and also you can ask a trainer support when needed. Sworkit comes on both android & iOS

Motion Traxx:


Research has found that listening to music while working helps people to Work Out Harder and Longer as well as enhance your mood. But crafting a the perfect playlist is tricky. This is where MOtion Traxx Steps in. The app brings a lethal combination of the workout from world class trainers with muisic  designed to set the perfect intensity for every phase of your workout. This app is available free with an optional in-app purchases. You can find the app on both iOS and android version in the the app stores. 

StrongLifts 5x5:


This app provides the simplest workouts to get stronger. The Programme has Three exercises, Three times a week, 45 minutes per workout. It got apps to coach you through each 5*5 workout. This app keeps track of the exercise, number of reps, and rest time, so all you have to worry about is getting to the gym and getting huge stronger. This app is available Free as well as optional in-app purchases. The app is available on both iOS as well as android.


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Nowadays people are too busy in earning for a lavish life. In this fight of moving ahead they forget about their health and fitness due to lack of time. Sensing this lacuna in people companies started building apps which are health concentric and helps people to improvise and keep track of their fitness and health.Every thing which is created got some pros as well as cons, so what are the risks to consumers of using mobile health and fitness applications? Let’s have a picture of it.

Many consumers might assume that entering personal information, and especially personal health information, to gain access to the information would be very protected.  That assumption needs to be reconsidered in light of excellent reports recently issued by the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (PRC).

PRC has just finished a nine month project analyzing 43 popular mobile health, wellness and fitness apps–23 free and 20 paid.  The PRC performed a technical risk assessment to learn what data the apps were collecting, storing and transmitting over the network.
The reports provide in-depth findings on a range of issues.  I’ve selected just a few of PRC’s key consumer-oriented findings:

                      *Privacy policies are found in the app or on the developer’s website for 74% of the free apps and 60% of the paid apps; however, that means that                                26% of the free apps and 40% of the paid apps do not have a privacy policy;

                      *Only 13% of the free apps and 10% of the paid apps encrypt all connections to the developer — the rest are sending consumer data in the clear                                 without any encryption;

                      *39% of the free apps and 30% of the paid apps send data to someone not covered in their privacy policy;

                      *52% of the free apps and 30% of the paid apps notify consumers that they might share data with advertisers; and

                      *72% of the apps analyzed presented medium to high risk in terms of personal privacy; paid apps presented the lowest privacy risk to users.


Privacy risks associated with Mobile Health and Fitness Apps

1. Devices are Ideal Tracking Tools.

Now a days Smartphone has turned as a best friend for the users, wherever we go we carry them with us with data enabled on it. As we know that our devices are Internet- and geo-location-enabled and as they provide a very great benefits like internet access, finding directions, places etc we rarely care for turning them off. But at the same time, mobile devices and the apps people download can be highly privacy invasive.

2. The mobile applications ecosystem is largely unregulated.

This is a particular concern with health and fitness apps, which often collect both demographic and medical (or medical-like) information. None of this data is covered by existing regulations that protect the privacy and security of personal health information; it has only whatever protections the developer’s privacy policy affords—if there is a privacy policy at all. Also, many health and fitness apps allow and encourage users to share what you might consider sensitive information via social media.  Once information is public you have little to no control over it.

3. Health and fitness apps souls way for collecting a great deal of personal information.

There are many times where apps may prompt users to enter a name, email address, age, gender, height, weight, and photo.  They may also ask for lifestyle information. For example, the app may ask questions about food consumption and exercise habits.When you use the app, you create a record—of your diet, daily exercise, glucose readings, pregnancy, menstrual cycle. 

4. Free apps are target for advertising:

They may share personally identifiable information with advertisers, or allow ad networks to track you. Almost all applications send de-identified (non-personal) data about how you use an application to data analytics services.

Tips for consumers:
-Research the app before you download it.
-Consider using paid apps over free apps if they offer better privacy protections.
-Try to limit the personal information you provide, and exercise caution when you share it.  If the app allows it, try the features first without entering personal -information.
-If you stop using an app, delete it.  If you have the option, also delete your personal profile and any data archive you’ve created while using the app.

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Exercise is crucial to good health, and being too busy is no excuse. You can get fit with technology on your side, all you need is your gym shoes, smartphone and internet connection.

Whether you want to be in competition with yourself or someone else, fitness apps are a great way to keep motivated and fit. Your smartphone, whether it is an iPhone or Android, can be a very powerful tool in helping you get in shape. So, things you need to do with your Smartphone to keep yourselfs fit are as follows:

1. Download an App that tracks your activity:-


In this world of Techno-advance world we no more need to worry about keeping track of our activities there are hundreds of fitness apps that track your activity. Experimenting with them can be daunting and frustrating, but as it is your health you have to take the time to find one you like and make it work for you. You can opt for these apps too Google Fit, RunKeeper

2. Download Apps that help you with proper Exercise Form:-


As you know that there are thousands of app stored. So you need to do a proper research, find exercises and activities that you enjoy. Working out and getting in shape doesn’t have to mean blood, sweat and tears. Find an app that helps you find the proper form. You can get hurt if you exercise incorrectly which will set you back and derail your progress. We got some of the best apps for you to make your way easier  Fitness & Bodybuilding, 10 Daily Yoga Poses

3. Download Apps that track your Caloric Intake and help create Healthy meals:-


No matter how hard you workout, you won’t get fit and shredded if you’re fueling your body with junk. If you want to lose weight and stay fit, you must keep monitor what goes in your mouth. We all know that we got a weakness for Junk foods, but the main problem arises with them. So, track your intakes with an app which will be a control meter for your calorie intakes. We got you some calorie tracking apps : Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

4. Track your Sleep:-


    "During sleep, most systems in an animal are in an anabolic state,  building up the immune, nervous, skeletal, and muscular systems."

Sleep is one of the most overlooked activities in staying mentally strong and physically fit. An average adult needs at least 7-9 hours of sleep daily. Many of us don’t get enough sleep and also have weird sleep schedules. Why do we need sleep? Sleep is when our bodies rest and recuperate. If you’re tired and groggy, you will probably miss your workout. Let your body recover and let your mind relax so you can be strong tomorrow. You can use this app for tracking your sleep: Sleep as Android

5. Use Google Calendar to set your Schedule:-


Using a calendar to set a schedule is a great way to remind you to stay on track. Google Calendar is heavily integrated into Android and Google Now which means it will pull information from your calendar and notify you when it is time to workout and eat. Sticking to a routine will help you set your mind in the right direction.

6. Don’t be afraid to use your Camera:-


Camera has become one of the most important part in our life nowadays. We need to click every moment and like to keep them safe as memories. So, we can apply the same rule while we work out. The best way to check if you’re getting in shape is to take a picture of yourself when you start, and to take another picture every week or two to monitor your progress.

7. Get a great Music Playlist to keep your Energy High:-


“Music is like is a legal drug for athletes,” says Costas Karageorghis, Ph.D., from London’s Brunel University School of Sport and Education, one of the world’s leading authorities on music and exercise. “It can reduce the perception of effort significantly and increase endurance by as much as 15 percent.”
Many music apps have playlists already curated for your workouts or exercise sessions. I happen to love Google Play Music, but Spotify, TIDAL are all great options too. 

8. Fitness Accessories you might want to check out:-


Like I said before, all you need are a good pair of shoes and decent weather to start exercising. Yet there are some tools out there that can help you get the body you always wanted. Check them out. Fitbit Charge, Motorola Moto 360 Sport.

As people now a days are getting conscious about their health and fitness and also they got bend towards these apps & technologies which are keeping complete track of their activities. This thing provides a scope to the different mobile application Company to explore more and provide these Tech-hungry people with the best technologies for life. 

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